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Support to Life (STL) Child Protection Consultant Tender Announcement

Support to Life (STL) Child Protection Consultant Tender Announcement

Support to Life (STL) Child Protection Consultant Tender Announcement




Ref No:2017/071301

  1. Background

Support to Life (STL) is an independent humanitarian agency working in the field of disaster risk reduction, disaster preparedness, and emergency response in Turkey and the surrounding region.  With an emphasis on community participation, STL works at a grassroots level to build local capacity, mitigate the risks and impact of disasters, and support those in need in meeting their basic needs and rights.

In line with its mandate STL currently has the following main activities:

  • Refugee Support Program: in response to the increasing number of refugees in Turkey, STL is supporting refugees living outside camps in the Turkish border area through a food security programme providing psychosocial support through the establishment of Community Centres;
  • Child Protection Program: STL has been providing protection services and psychosocial care for Syrian children and children affected by seasonal agricultural migration. Targeting both at-risk and working children among the refugees as well as the host community, STL has been supporting children’s education through life skills activities, awareness raising sessions and workshops.
  • Civil Society Disaster Platform: in collaboration with partners, STL has launched a platform that will bring together civil society actors in sharing information and coordinating projects related to disaster management in Turkey.
Position: Child Protection Consultant
Department: Child Protection Program
Responsible to: Child Protection Program Manager
Supervises: NA
Language Turkish or English
Proposed Date: August 2017- December 2017
Duration: 10-13  working days within a month
Work Place: Targeted locations
Overall Responsibilities: Observe the Psychological Support Activities and Support the Field Staff


  1. Core Responsibility
  • Observe the Psychological Support Activities and Support the Field Staff
  • Contribute to the development of content related to Child Protection
  • Support to Child Protection related workshops

Context: Millions of children around the world are trapped in child labour, depriving them of their childhood, their health and education, and condemning them to a life of poverty and want. Due to the influx of millions Syrian refugees and particular conditions of seasonal migratory agriculture the ratio of child labour is steadily increasing. Child labour in Turkey is an ongoing issue for generations in the informal sector

Aim: STL is proving PSS activities for children to give an opportunity for living their childhood and to strengthen their connection with education.

Content of the observation and support: Consultant is expected to visit the target location to observe the PSS activities conducting for working children. During this observation, it is expected to evaluate development course of the children, to give recommendations specific to working children and support the field staff for handling the challenges.


  1. Qualifications
  • Above 10 years professional work experience in policy, technical assistance, capacity building related to child protection and PSS within the pedagogical framework (Experience in university is preferred)
  • Expert knowledge on protection policy development with regards to crisis context and displaced people.
  • Previous experience in protection policy development or programme implementation on Syrian crisis is desirable.
  • Previous experience on child protection, women protection is desirable.
  • Previous experience on advocacy for public institutions and local authorities.
  • Protection mainstreaming and program working experience on developing contexts is desirable.
  • Previous research experience on child protection. Experience in quantitative or qualitative data collection and contextual and comparative analysis is required.


  1. Terms of payment

The consultant’s fee will be paid monthly upon the visits to target locations via bank transfer. Travelling cost will be covered by Support to Life.


  1. Timetable of the Consultancy

The consultancy will be 10-13 working days in a month till end of December, 2017.


  1. Sending an Offer
  • An offer letter that describes your elibility for the position along with a CV should be included in the application. CV’s without an offer letter will not be considered for the position.
  • The duration of the offers should be for the whole duration of the project. Offer letters that aim to cover a shorter period will not be taken into consideration.
  • The payments asked for these services should cover the daily rate of the professional in Turkish Lira.


*Support to life does not commit to having regular and frequent work items as education and observation services needs occur and fluctuate accordingly with each project.

You can send your proposals to

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