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Relief International Third Party Monitoring Tender Announcement

Relief International Third Party Monitoring Tender Announcement

Relief International Third Party Monitoring Tender Announcement


Request for Proposals


1.       Background to the Consultancy

Relief International (RI) faces significant challenges in conducting direct monitoring visits of its activities implemented inside Syria due to restricted access at border crossings. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of services provided, RI is committed to contracting third party monitoring (TPM) consultants who have a strong understanding of the problems and challenges faced during program implementation, and who can provide valuable lessons from which RI can learn.


Relief International (RI) have two projects inside Syria, location are all in Idleb, Hama & Aleppo governorates. Through these program, RI has been successful in providing health and WASH support to communities. Through this proposed action RI has been building on the lessons learned and successes of the implementation and continue to provide health and WASH programming to conflict afflicted populations.

Our projects have been providing lifesaving primary, specialized and reproductive health interventions across 21 health facilities and 3 Mobile clinics, in addition to providing access to water, sanitation, Solid waste management and integration of WASH activities into the health facilities.


Since RI began working in North Syria in 2013 RI has developed a robust implementation team, strong community relationships with relevant stakeholders in and around the target areas, and a far-reaching network that ensures direct access to project locations inside Syria and the ability to remain flexible according to the evolving situation on the ground.

RI’s health programs have been operational for over a year. Beginning with two facilities in August 2013, RI has expanded to support a total of 21 static facilities and three mobile clinics through two donors. These facilities offer a combination of primary and secondary health care, reproductive health care, and laboratory services. RI is also active in the WASH sector, providing rehabilitation services, water trucking, solid waste management solutions and hygiene promotion.


2.       Purpose of the mid-term evaluation

The overall objective of the TPM consultancy is to provide monitoring and validation of RI’s implementation of activities.

The TPM exercise will assess to what extent the program thus far has achieved the objectives and therefore overall goal. It will identify the achievements, challenges, lessons learnt and effective practices of the program. The information obtained will enable RI to plan programmatic adjustments in the remaining period of this program. Some of the information may require further investigation to ensure adjustments are well designed and targeted.


This evaluation aims to focus on changes occurring in the lives of affected communities as a measure of success. To this end, the methodology will be community-focused with evaluation questions centered on assessment of perceived change against actual change. The evaluation consultant will work alongside a data collection team who will be responsible for capturing information inside Syria to maximize demonstration of project progress and contribution to change in the eyes of affected communities.


In addition to the above objectives RI will apply the five OECD/DAC evaluation criteria of Relevance, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Impact and Sustainability of the project. The intervention logic (e.g. Log frame) must also be properly taken into consideration.  Therefore the TPM evaluation should provide information that is credible and useful, enabling the incorporation of lessons learned into the decision-making process of both RI and donors.


This TPM will be done for two projects separately.


3.       Required qualifications of the consultancy firm

The lead consultant must have a Masters level or higher degree in social science, statistics, international development; experience or a background in epidemiology, public health, health information management, biostatistics or a related discipline is necessary.

The consultancy firm must have demonstrated experience conducting similar surveys inside Syria in the Health and WASH sectors and of working in complex environments and tailoring technological solutions to a unique operating environment, and using remote data collection technologies for surveys such as KoBo or ODK.


4.       Submission of technical and financial proposal

Please submit your interest of proposal to the following address by email:  All communication should be through email only.

Detailed documents related to locations, methodology… and all other financial and work plan details will be sent to you upon your submission.


Request full tender instructions: The deadline for application is FEBRUARY 14th 2017 at 17:00.

The deadline of submission of bids is FEBRUARY 27th 2017 00:00 MIDNIGHT.

Relief International Third Party Monitoring  All questions and inquiries regarding the technical proposal should be directed to RI’s Tender Committee (

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