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Suriye’nin İdlib ve Hama illerinde ülke içinde göçe zorlanmış 100.000’den fazla kişiye sistematik olarak su temin etmekte, pompa istasyonları, tuvalet ve el yıkama noktaları inşa etmekte ve ayrıca yiyecek paketleri temin etmekte olan Polonyalı İnsani Yardım Kuruluşu, 1952 adet kişisel temizlik seti için ihale duyurusu açtı.

4 Mayıs Cuma gününe kadar katılabileceğiniz ihalenin detaylarını aşağıda bulabilirsiniz.

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Polska Akcja Humanitarna
(Polish Humanitarian Action)

Invitation to Negotiated Procedures

PR TUR 2018 060

Invitation to negotiated procedure tender for a framework agreement to supply 1952 Hygiene kits

PAH office in Turkey and Syria in collaboration with NCA is opening a tender to purchase 1952 Hygiene kits (the details below) to be delivered to Sarmada/ Idleb in Syria (Export):

Each kit should contain the following items:

NO.Type of work requiredUnitQuantityUnit priceTotal price USDSpecification
الأعمالالوحدةالكمية في كل سلةالسعر الإفراديالسعر الإجماليمواصفات إضافية
1Laundry washing powder(not for automatic machine), total weight –3500gOne Piece / or several pieces1For hand wash
مسحوق غسيل عادي 3500غ
2Sanitary pads: 3 packs of 10pc or approved equivalent 30pcPacks35 drops
فوط نسائية 3 عبوات كل عبوة تحتوي على 10 قطع او ما يعادل مجموع 30 قطعة
3Laurel soap, pack of 4x166g (total 700 g +_ 3%)Pack1Should be pack TSE mark
صابون غار 4 قطع وزن 166 غرام (وزن كلي 700 غ +- 3%)
4Toothpaste: medium size 75mm.Piece1Without box   LL-C-901932, ISO 22716
معجون اسنان حجم متوسط 75 مم3
5Tooth brushes (2 for adults and 2 for kids) Soft hardness.Piece4
مجموعة فراشي اسنان(2 للبالغين و 2 للاطفال).
61 shampoo, bottle of 500ml.Piece1Two in one shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottle should be min ph5,5
عبوة شامبو سعه 500 ميلي لتر.
71 Anti-lice shampoo, bottle of 200 ml.Piece1With comp
عبوة شامبو ضد القمل  سعة 200 ميلي لتر.
8Dish washing liquid soap, 2 bottles of 750 mlPiece2
سائل جلي عدد 2 سعة 750 ميلي لتر.
9Children diapers, one box of size 2 or size 3Piece1min. 30 pcs
علبة حفاضات اطفال عبوة واحدة قياس 2 او 3
10Mosquito net. Large size 


1min.120*170*140 cm
ناموسية قياس كبير
11Nail scissor. 1Piece1Min 5.5 cm
قصاصة أظافر عدد1
12Suitable carton box including the items( 1 to 12 ) with the logo and content list  and stickersPiece1min.400 gr / including the whole items with the logo, and content list and 2 side Plastic Straps
.(صندوق كرتوني مناسب لاحتواء البنود ( 1 حتى12) عليه ملصق المحتويات  شعار المنظمة ( باه
13Jerry cans capacity of 10 l out of the boxPiece1min.400 gr gasket should be inside the lid cover, HDPE
عبوة ماء بلاستيكية سعة 10 لتر خارج الكرتونة



  • The price should be in USD and comprehensive in which covers all the expenses (transportation, handling packing, taxes, etc.) The vendor can’t claim any extra cost.
  • The goods should be exported from Turkey to the vendor warehouse in Idleb/ Syria preferably Sarmada town.
  • The vendor agrees to keep the quantity in his warehouse in Sarmada for one month (without any extra cost) from the day they arrive until the distribution of those kits finishes.
  • the vendor should submit the supporting document (certificate for each item proves that it is matching the specifications requested)
  • A sample of one kit including one item from each product must be provided with the envelops



How to apply your bid:

  • The last date to receive questions regarding the tender is Wednesday the 2nd of May 2018 C.O.B.
  • The last date to receive the bids is Friday the 4th of May 2018 C.O.B.
  • The company documents (company registration documents in Turkey, tax number, certificates, official bank account) to be put inside an envelope.
  • The financial offer and specifications to be put inside another envelope with all the supporting documents for the purchased materials.
  • The first and second envelope to be included in one big envelope, written on it the name of the contractor and the tender name; PR TUR 2018 060.
  • Each bid doesn’t meet the requirements will be rejected.
  • The BOQ and support documents to be obtained by clicking on the following link:

  • The evaluation of the offers will be done according to the following criteria (price, delivery schedules, payment terms, past experience in similar work, and warranty)
  • The contractor can apply in PAH Turkey office only in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Caddesi Balcilar Apartment Kat:1 No: 7/1 Antakya/Hatay via sealed and stamped envelopes, no later than the Friday the 4th of May 2018 COB,


Please contact  if you have any queries regarding this tender

PAH Logistics Team || April 26th, 2018


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