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Etiket Arşivleri: FLA

Fair Labor Association (FLA) Consultancy Announcement (ENG-TR) (Extended)

Terms of Reference – Hazelnuts Price Procurement Study   Partnership to Eliminate Child Labor and Forced Labor in Imported Agricultural Products: Piloting the USDA Guidelines in the Hazelnuts Supply Chain in Turkey   Cooperative Agreement Number: IL-28101-15-75-K-11 Financing Agency: U.S. Department of Labor Type of Consultancy: Price Procurement Study   Preparation Date of TOR: March 29, 2017 Vendor for Task Mapping Study Contract: To be identified …

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Fair Labor Association (FLA) Capacity Building for Local Government Tender Announcement (Extended)

The FLA is running a project with an objective to design and pilot a comprehensive, sustainable program for agriculture companies to reduce child labor and forced labor in the hazelnut supply chain in Turkey.   Child labor is a countrywide issue in Turkey, and governmental action is required for sustainable progress and a permanent solution. For the purposes of this project, efforts …

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Fair Labor Association (FLA) Call for Consultancy Proposal

Procurement of Contractor Services   Consultancy on Capacity Building Support within USDOL funded Project   Piloting the USDA Guidelines in the Hazelnuts Supply Chain in Turkey Date: 16.03.2017   Scope and Aim of the Consultancy Within the scope of the project’s capacity building support component, the FLA is planning to provide consultancy services to the agriculture companies through a sub-contractor. …

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