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Fair Labor Association (FLA) Capacity Building for Local Government Tender Announcement (Extended)

The FLA is running a project with an objective to design and pilot a comprehensive, sustainable program for agriculture companies to reduce child labor and forced labor in the hazelnut supply chain in Turkey.


Child labor is a countrywide issue in Turkey, and governmental action is required for sustainable progress and a permanent solution. For the purposes of this project, efforts will be made to keep the local level government authorities informed of the intervention models and engage them actively in the implementation at the field level, wherever possible. The project will also seek to raise awareness to representative of local labor directorates.


The local governments of 4 (four) provinces of Turkey, namely Düzce, Sakarya, Ordu, Şanlıurfa is committed to fight against child labor. In this regards FLA in partnership with Ministry of Labor and Social Security, is in process to build the capacity of local governments and municipalities.


Within the scope of the project’s activities, FLA seeks to conduct a maximum of two – day capacity building activity workshop for local government staff. To conduct this exercise, the FLA seeks to engage a third party contractor (the Sub-contractor) to provide the required services. 


Overall purpose of this assignment is to conduct the training workshops of about 80 participants from provincial directorates of Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry of Health (MoH), the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), the Ministry of Family and Social Politics (MoFSP), the the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and Ministry of Youth and Sports; municipalities. Capacity building workshops intend to reinforce the understanding of their role and responsibilities in planning, mitigation, intervention and remediation of child labor and improvement of seasonal migratory agriculture workers working and living conditions.


The Sub-contractor is expected to submit its proposal for the Capacity Building for Local Government training workshops to the FLA by May 1, 2017.

Please see the below Terms of Reference (ToR) for more detailed information.


170329-TOR – Capacity Building Training for Local Authorties

170328-TOR-Yerel Yönetimler için Kapasite Geliştirme

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