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US Ambassadors ABD Büyükelçileri Kültürel Mirası Koruma Fonu Çağrısı

ABD Büyükelçileri Fonu - US Ambassadors

US Ambassadors ABD Büyükelçileri Kültürel Mirası Koruma Fonu (AFCP) 2021 yılı başvuru çağrısı açıldı.

Başvuru için son tarih: 17 Kasım 2020, 17:30


The U.S. Mission in Turkey and the Cultural Heritage Center of the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Department of State are pleased to announce the call for concept notes for the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) Competition 2021.

Please note that beginning with 2021, we are combining the AFCP small and large grant programs into a single program. There will be two rounds. During the first round, concept notes will be collected. In the second round, the project concepts selected by the Cultural Heritage Center will be invited to submit full proposals.

AFCP aims to support countries, including Turkey, in preserving their cultural heritage and to demonstrate U.S. respect for other cultures.

Awards will range from $10,000 to $500,000. The Cultural Heritage Center anticipates funding globally 30 to 40 projects.

The deadline for submitting concept notes is Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 17:30 Turkey time.

Concept Note Form must be filled and submitted in English in electronic format to the following address:

AFCPTurkey@state.gov  (Subject: AFCP 2021 Grants Competition)

The Concept Note Form needs to be filled in word format and attached visuals need to be in jpeg.  Please do not send e-mails with win.rar and win.zip attachments as well as links. Send separate emails if the application doesn`t fit in one email. Proposals sent to any other address will be deemed ineligible.

Please note that only the selected applicants will be contacted for the second round.

US Ambassadors Funding Areas:

The AFCP Grants Program supports the preservation of archaeological sites, historic buildings and monuments, museum collections, and forms of traditional cultural expression, such as indigenous languages and crafts. Appropriate project activities may include:

  1.  Anastylosis (reassembling a site from its original parts);
  2.  Conservation (addressing damage or deterioration to an object or site);
  3.  Consolidation (connecting or reconnecting elements of an object or site);
  4.  Documentation (recording in analog or digital format the condition and salient features of an object, site, or tradition);
  5.  Inventory (listing of objects, sites, or traditions by location, feature, age, or other unifying characteristic or state);
  6.  Preventive Conservation (addressing conditions that threaten or damage a site, object, collection, or tradition);
  7.  Restoration (replacing missing elements to recreate the original appearance of an object or site, usually appropriate only with fine arts, decorative arts, and historic buildings);
  8.  Stabilization (reducing the physical disturbance of an object or site).


Eligible project implementers as reputable and accountable non-commercial entities that are able to demonstrate they have the requisite capacity to manage projects to preserve cultural heritage. Eligible implementers may include non-governmental organizations, museums, educational institutions, ministries of culture, or similar institutions and organizations, including U.S.-based educational institutions and organizations subject to Section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. The AFCP will not award grants to individuals, commercial entities, or past award recipients that have not fulfilled the objectives or reporting requirements of previous awards.

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