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Independent Doctors Association (IDA) CT Scanner Tender Announcement

Tender: CT Scanner


Tender Reference Number: GAZ/LOG/0317/104


Independent Doctors Association is an independent humanitarian organization in Northern of Syria working to attain a standard level of health and social well-being for affected populations in Aleppo governorate, linking relief activities with subsequent rehabilitation and development work. IDA establishes and manages health projects in its areas of reach in Northern Syria, coordinates health work with other humanitarian and medical bodies, and raises the capacity of medical systems and community. IDA also detects violations of human rights and infringement of civilian protection, and advocates for an increased protection of medical professionals and facilities according to International Humanitarian Law.


Bids are invited from reputable companies who are dully registered/ licensed with the Government of Turkey or who are international companies able to export Turkey.

You are invited to tender for the provision of the Used CT Scan. Please contact on below e-mail to submit your interests for the tender and received Complete Tender Documents BY 17 MARCH 2017— 18:00 PM LOCAL TIME (IST).

Questions and remarks can be asked until 21 MARCH 2017— 18:00 PM LOCAL TIME (IST). Answers will be shared via e-mail with everybody in once.

Answers/Clarifications will be shared on 23 MARCH 2017— 16:00 PM LOCAL TIME (IST)

Tender are to be addressed to the IDA Gaziantep, Logistics Department and sent by mail post to the address mentioned in the tender documents.




Please mention in the subject line as “TENDER NO: GAZ/LOG/0317/104-CT SCANNER”

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