Perşembe , 1 Ekim 2020

Ghiras Foundation Reunification Kits Tender Announcement


Reunification kits for Ghiras Foundation

 (Number: Activity Tracking Code (UNPR022017))


Ghiras Foundation announceing its interest to contract with Reunification kits Supplier..

Qualified suppliers, who are willing and able  to provide, should submit the Request for Quotation (RFQ) documents to the following e-mail:

Offer submission no later than 27 February 2017 by 5 pm.

When requesting the RFQ, please include the following in the email subject line:

“Reunification kits for Ghiras Foundation in turkey Gaziantep (UNPR022017)”


Please include your WhattsApp number so we can inform you of any updates or changes or new information regarding the RFQ.

Questions on this RFQ: Questions should be sent by no later 26 February 2017 no later than 5 pm via e-mail to:

or through WhatsApp number: 0090 5530205778

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