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Ihsan RD – Recipient Contract Audit Tender Announcement

Ihsan-RD Organization

Date:  05/04/2017

Recipient Contract Audit – IhsanRD

IhsanRD is a foreign sub recipient of USAID funding.  IhsanRD is now requesting service offers from interested parties to act as auditor.  The Recipient Contracted Audit (RCA) is to be performed in accordance with USAID’s OIG Guidelines as it has expended in excess of $475,694.53 of USAID funds in its fiscal year 2015.



IhsanRD Organisation requires an RCA audit financial year end is 31st December 2015.



  • Eligible USAID auditor with regular status and a base in Europe
  • Sufficient staff of the required experience and credentials to ensure a quality audit is carried out within the desired timeframe
  • Demonstrable experience with USAID audits
  • Availability to accomplish the audit within 1 months.
  • A proposed audit plan and fee proposal expressed in USD.
  • Provide 2 relevant references
  • Provide reports in English



The field audits must be completed by 30-July-2017 The audit report must be issued by 15-Augustus-2017

offers should be submitted to  no later than …15-July… 2017.

Enquiries or requests for further information should be addressed to the same email address.

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