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Hayata Destek Derneği Çocuk Koruma ve Psikoloji Danışman İhalesi

Hayata Destek Derneği Çocuk Koruma ve Psikoloji Danışman İhalesi

Hayata Destek Derneği Çocuk Koruma ve Psikoloji Danışman İhalesi



Hayata Destek Derneği ülke çapında yürüttüğü projelerde bilgi ve deneyiminden yararlanmak üzere Çocuk Koruma ve Psikoloji konularında en az 15 yıllık deneyim sahibi danışmanlar için bir ihale yayınladı.

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Hayata Destek Derneği Çocuk Koruma – CHILD PROTECTION & PSS CONSULTANT


  1. Background

Support to Life (STL) is a humanitarian aid agency founded with the principal objective of working with communities to help them meet their basic needs and rights.

STL is working in the field of protection for Syrian refugees since January 2013. Current programs covers 2 community centers addressing 3500 beneficiaries respectively each year under protection program in fields of psychosocial support, awareness raising, case management, intercultural activities, life skills and mental health. Support To Life is currently seeking a specialist in Protection programing and MHPSS to review its protection program set up in Turkey.

Position: Child Protection and PSS Consultant
Department: Syria Relief Operation – Protection Program
Responsible to: Child Protection Program Manager
Supervises: NA
Proposed Date: March 2018-December 2018
Duration:  The frequency/number of trainings and observation visits will be determined according to the needs of the project.*
Work Place: Target Regional Location
Overall Responsibilities: Capacity building of relevant staff


  1. Core Responsibility

 Capacity Building of Staff:

  • Training and capacity development of relevant staff on child protection including areas of;
  • PSS Approach and Developmental Levels of Children
  • Psychosocial Support Interventions
  • Skill development for children; questioning, communication, Active Listening, Verbal and Non verbal Communication, Observation
  • Understanding Child Development in Emergency Settings
  • Recognizing mental problems and trauma cases in children
  • Creating daily routines in working with children at tent areas
  • Participatory Activities and Tools to Specific Age Groups
  • Positive discipline techniques
  • Group management, Tool specific training (activity planning, overcoming potential challenges in the class etc)
  • Self protection for the staff
  • Public speaking and interview techniques for staff
  • The consultant may require attending Training of Trainers and observation visits in targeted locations; Şanlıurfa, Hatay, Adana, Diyarbakır and Zonguldak. The consultant is intended to work 36 days (8 working hours per day) in the framework of this agreement.
  1. Qualifications
  • Above 15 years professional work experience in policy, technical assistance, capacity building related to child protection and PSS within the pedagogical framework.
  • Expert knowledge on protection policy development with regards to crisis context and displaced people.
  • Previous experience in protection policy development or programme implementation on Syrian crisis is desirable.
  • Previous experience on child protection, women protection is desirable.
  • Protection mainstreaming and program working experience on developing contexts is desirable.
  • Previous research experience on refugee protection. Experience in quantitative or qualitative data collection and contextual and comparative analysis is required.
  1. Terms of payment

The consultant’s fee will be paid upon completion of the trainings and observation visits via bank transfer. Travelling cost will be covered by the Consultant.

  1. Timetable of the Consultancy

The consultancy will be one working day for each training and ad hoc observation visits, proposed dates are from March 2018 to December 2018.

  1. Sending an Offer
  • An offer letter that describes your elibility for the position along with a CV should be included in the application. CV’s without an offer letter will not be considered for the position.
  • The duration of the offers should be for the whole duration of the project. Offer letters that aim to cover a shorter period will not be taken into consideration.
  • Training and observation services should be given as two seperate budget items in the offer letter. The payments asked for for these services should cover the daily rate of the professional in Turkish Lira.

*Support to life does not commit to having regular and frequent work items as education and observation services needs occur and fluctuate accordingly with each project.

We would like you to send your applications to

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